A Residency in Seagrove, NC

A Residency in Seagrove, NC

A town with the largest concentration of
working potters in the United States.


Christine L. Evans, a long-time member and former board member of the NMPCA, has recently been accepted into the Artist In Residency program at the North Carolina Pottery Center (NCPC) in Seagrove, NC.

The NCPC is a museum and educational center devoted to showcasing North Carolina’s rich pottery tradition. The Center represents North Carolina potters from the past to the present, including over 1,000 contemporary potters in the state. It is located in Seagrove, NC, a town (and nearby vicinity) with the highest number of ceramic artists per capita in the nation, with 100 family-operated potteries.

The residency program at the Center is relatively new. Two residents are accepted at a time for up to six months. Christine will be at the center from May 1stuntil the end of October 2019.  The NMPC has one of the more generous residency programs for clay artists in the country. Residents are given free housing with private bedrooms and their own studio spaces just off the main educational studio. In addition, residents receive a monthly stipend for working a certain number of hours a week, usually in the capacities of instructor and studio maintenance person.

Christine’s goals during the residency are to continue the explorations she is currently making with her work while absorbing as much North Carolina clay culture as she can. A state so rich in ceramic heritage and contemporary clay representation will be integral to her growth as an artist. Only three hours away is the Penland School of Crafts, a well-known educational center, as well as the city of Asheville, a home for many artists and galleries representing some of the highest quality arts in the country. Christine plans to visit these centers to further her exploration of the state’s ceramic offerings.

Christine received a BAFA from the University of New Mexico with an emphasis in ceramic arts in 2002. She has taught ceramics to people of all ages since graduation in programs such as, Escuela del Sol Montessori, the Harwood Art Center, the Albuquerque Senior Centers, and UNM Continuing Education. Christine’s current figurative work explores emotional authenticity and organic forms found in nature. Her figures project the energy of thoughts and feelings in ways that resonate with viewers on a primal, subconscious level.

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You can follow Christine’s residency journey:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christinelevansartist

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christine.l.evans/

Her website is https://www.christinelevans.com/

Christine’s work is represented by Shidoni Gallery in Tesuque, NM.

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