A Visit to Jan Term at Ghost Ranch

Just came back from a visit to the Jan Term at Ghost Ranch.  I went up to help our NMPCA Board member and Ghost Ranch coordinator, Barbara Campbell, with a fume firing for the students.  I came away so encouraged by seeing these young people of high energy, integrity, and intelligence.  It was the last day of activities and Barbara had designed so many incredible projects that the students did so well!  One of the most interesting projects was the creation of a totem pole where each student created a piece and the final stacked sculpture will be permanently installed at the top of the stairway down to Pot Hollow.  The imagery on the pieces was inspired by the student’s reaction to the environment of Ghost Ranch.   We’ll all get to see the totem when we visit later this year!

I also visited the archaeology and solar energy groups, and they were doing equally amazing things.  The archaeology students had found a bone in the 2002 site that the instructors felt was a significant find.  How terribly exciting!

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  1. Dora Zapczynski

    I also visited Barbara Campbell’s Jan Term potery class on Tuesday 17…as luck would have it, they were testing a Raku Firing…it was flawlessl, the excitement and enthusiasm was infectious, what a joy…I visited the classroom as well and the “Totem” pieces were incredible…can’t wait to see the structure complete and displayed…Excellent job Barbara…

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