Annual Meeting – June 23 in Santa Fe



June 23 for Annual Membership Meeting in Santa Fe


by Kim Louise Glidden

NMPCA’s Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for June 23 from 12 – 5 p.m. at the Berardinelli-McGee Life Event Center, 1320 Luisa Street in Santa Fe.  You will be notified and reminded of this meeting in upcoming NMPCA’s weekly eNews.  Wondering why attend?  What happens?  

The Annual Membership Meeting is the only opportunity for all NMPCA members to make their voices heard with questions, suggestions, and joining in the discussion of NMPCA’s future.  Aside from enjoying the best-ever Potluck lunch, the Annual Membership Meeting is when:

Nominating Committee puts forth a slate of board member nominees for vote by membership.

Members present at meeting who have completed the Application to Join Board of Directors and are not on slate of board nominees may be considered for vote by membership.

Revisions to Bylaws may be considered by vote of membership.

In a past eNews article, Board President Sara Lee D’Alessandro, very nicely appealed to NMPCA membership for interest in serving on the Board of Directors and committees and in taking on or assisting with jobs done for many years by long-time members and board members.  NMPCA needs membership involvement to continue it‘s 40-year history of promoting the clay arts.

So, come informed by reading most recent Minutes of the Board of Directors located on NMPCA’s website at and plan to attend and participate at the Annual Membership Meeting!  Looking forward to seeing, meeting, and hearing from NMPCA members on June 23!



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