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Armstrong Grant 2017

The NMPCA sponsors a grant, providing money for projects in education about the ceramic arts.  Over the years, many different communities have benefited from this grant and the work and expertise of the people who apply for the grant projects.  Read about these projects on the NMPCA Website.  Above is a picture of the students at Dixon Elementary studying clay from the 2015 grant.  And here’s a previous article about 2016 grants.

Armstrong GrantThe deadline to apply for the 2017  grant is March 15, 2017. 


Funds may be used for equipment, supplies, workshop instructors and special programs or projects that provide education in the ceramic arts. The annual award is a maximum of $1000. Proposals for lesser amounts would also be welcome for consideration. Grants from previous years have been awarded to schools, after-school programs, community projects, programs for those with special needs, etc. Organizations must be designated 501(c)3 and may not apply 2 years in a row.

The application process is simple and should not dissuade anyone from applying for the grant. A simple outline is described on our website www.nmpotters.org. Just click on “Programs/Grant” for the information. Clear directions are provided. The monies will be made available by June 30th after the applications are researched and the Board makes the final decision on the recipient. Site visits are made whenever possible as part of this process.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might benefit from this offering. Although this is not a large sum of money, it has surely provided a welcome help to many programs and projects over the years. 

Questions can be directed to Daisy Kates at grant12@nmpotters.org.  

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