Bill Armstrong Grant Awards

by Daisy Kates

The winner of the 2014 year’s Bill Armstrong Grant was the q-Staff Theatre in downtown Albuquerque. They requested $500 for the materials, tools and firings needed to hold a workshop in making clay drums which will then be used in various theatrical performances. The drums are designed in such a way that they can also be used as wind instruments. The participants are  theatre group members as well as associated group members.

Jaime Tillotson and Matthew Cecil-Wolfe taught the workshop. Jaime is also the director of the Arts and Crafts Studio in the Student Union Building at UNM and will facilitate the firings at that location.

The q-Staff Theatre has an integral relationship with Winnings Coffeehouse in the University area. Sandy Timmerman is the owner of the coffeehouse and the profits from that business go into the development of the Theatre. Many of the participants in the theatre group also work at the coffee house.

This was an innovative and interesting request.  Here are some pictures of the finished drums:

Meanwhile, we have recently gotten some photos of the 2013 Award project:  A Mural at the Turquoise Trail Elementary School.



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