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Supplies and Equipment Ideas

I asked member Judy Richey if she had any ideas about what we could post about supplies/equipment.  Here’s what she sent me:

“I have been developing really painful arthritis in my right hand.  I have always reprocessed and reclaimed all my scrap clay and struggled with wedging clay that I purchase that is either way too wet as is often the case from NM Clay, or too dry – Laguna.  My husband gave me the most incredible Christmas gift last year.  He gave me a Peter Pugger VPM-9 stainless steel deairing/power mixing, power wedging pug mill.  The most wonderful machine.  It is small (batch size 25#), relatively quiet, and does a fantastic job, saving my spirit and my hands.  This is one of the few – maybe the first? completely stainless steel pug mill, which is necessary for my studio as I do porcelain which tears up a non-stainless mill. 

“Other than that I think a link to MUD TOOLS, Michael Sherrill’s web site would be good.  He makes the most amazing ribs and his throwing sponges are incredible.  I first became aware of his ribs and sponges at a workshop that I attended at Geil Kilns before I bought my kiln.  Tom Coleman was the artist at the workshop and he showed these tools to us.  The sponges were on back order for some time and several of the people in the workshop were familiar with them and were also waiting to get some.  Then I saw him at NCECA in Phoenix.  I am a devoted fan.  He has amazing tools.  His website is

 “Wonderful brushes at reasonable prices:  Oriental Art Supplies in Huntington Beach CA.  Website

“Last but not least are Phil Poburka’s trimming tools.  He is known as Bison Studios.  These tools are wonderful because they stay sharp forever.  Take some getting used to as they are very sharp.  They do best with leather hard clay and a slow wheel.  The tools are more expensive than other trimming tools, but they last forever or he will resharpen them for you.  The tools are made of Tungsten Carbide and will break if dropped, but as with any excellent tool, taking care of them becomes second nature.  He is always at NCECA. website:

“These are just a few of my ideas.  I would love to get some wonderful tea pot handles.  Most of those I have found locally are really crude.

“Hope these ideas are of some use to others.”

Judy Richey

Board Meeting

Judy Nelson-Moore Journal Box, ceramic, with metal Tjap
Ceramic laser decal on journal box, tjap impression, shown with another Tjap

12 of the 13 members of the NMPCA board met at the home of Linda Kastner.  In line with my idea of bring the “clay” back into NMPCA board meetings, I made a brief presentation at the beginning showing my recently completed house-shaped journal boxes, just finished with journal writing lazer decals. The impression on the cover was made using an Indonesian tjap fabric stamp.  I brought some tjaps to the meeting, like the one in the picture here, to show and discussed my search for the perfect way to impress the image (besides stamping the stamp onto the clay) including making a clay impression to be used as a stamp or as a basis for latex or silicone mold making material or stamping into sculptor’s foam.  We had a lively discussion of different ways with stamps.

Our business meeting discussion was also lively.  We formed a couple of committees:  one to investigate venues for next year Celebration of Clay all member exhibition.  We also talked about how we should have more social get-togethers of NMPCA folks with mini-clay presentations.  More to follow about the meeting ideas.