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How to Prepare Images

Some people need assistance when preparing images for our beautiful virtual studio tour or for the Celebration of Clay People’s Choice Vote.  It makes it SO much easier to update these websites when the images are received exactly as requested.  Easier translates into faster and more accurate.

Let’s divide this up into two parts:  Taking of the pictures and preparation of the images.

In contrast to the start up of when I would offer to make digital images of anyone’s work who brought it to me (I still do), most artists now seem to have the ability to take good quality images of their work with their digital camera…or get someone to do it for them. Also, for taking pictures, there is lots of information available.  There are books, friends, on-line resources…they can all get you some digital images.  For example, go into a search engine, like, and put in “how to take pictures of sculptures” or “how to take pictures of pottery” and you will find lots of links.  Just make sure the images are staged professional looking photos of your work…not snapshots like you would post on facebook or send to friends.

The 2nd task, preparing the images to send to the NMPCA webmaster, can be overwhelming to artists who are not used to working with image manipulation programs. Many artists still have trouble preparing the images.  This article tells you how to do it: ImagePreparationforClayStudioTour.

The article assumes that you are somewhat familiar with using your computer, finding things on the internet, locating and saving files on your computer’s drive, moving the mouse and selecting options.  If you need help with these basics, I recommend you get a computer-savvy friend to help you or take a basic computer skills class.

Most of you realize that sending people the image direct from your camera does not give the recipient what they need.  Usually, the image from modern cameras is too large for use on a website, the image may need to be cropped, color corrected, or otherwise adjusted to show the work to advantage, and the file name must be changed to allow proper identification of your work.  The process of transferring the camera image into something that can be emailed as an attachment is called preparing the images.

Many people use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to prepare images, but this requires buying (and updating) software on your computer.  Most digital cameras come with some image editing software, but this must be installed and learned.  I have recently been using a free on-line tool that costs nothing and only requires a computer (or a tablet) and an internet connection to use with your digital images.  It does a great job of preparation and is easy to use.  The article describes the steps to use Express to prepare images for   Article on Preparing Images for


Need help with Studio Tour Map

NMPCA Studio Tour Members.  We’ve got a really nice site at  The participation has even exceeded MY expectations.  I think we need a map of the studio tours, so that if a visitor to New Mexico wants to see what’s up with clay and visit some real artist studios, they can use the map to plan their visit.  I’ve started a google map and need some people to help me finish posting all the pages/studios.  Check it out and then contact me to help finish the project.  Judy Nelson-Moore

Studio Tour Updates and Interesting Links

Our website,, is a wonderful showcase of member work throughout the state.  Daisy Kates in Placitas and Judith Richey in east mountain area have both recently updated their studio tour pages.

See Daisy’s lovely painterly works (and a couple of paintings relating to pots) on her page at  Email her and ask her how she gets underglazes, stains and slips to look so delicious like her paintings!

Judy Richey has added some more recent work, including some interesting tile pieces on her page at http://www.claystudiotour/judyrichey.asp. Judy says about her participation in the studio tour:  “A lady emailed me asking to purchase some of my mugs. … She asked for them using the wording that is on my website [so] I know that the only way this person from WI would have found that link is by going thru NMPA and looking at the studio tour and then clicking on my website link. … She was thrilled to find me and my work and I am really pumped that it worked so well for me.”

During the recent Critical Santa Fe, I came across a couple of links of interest to the group: is a website that has images of ceramic art from all over the world.  This is the output of a project started by Ted Vogel at Lewis & Clark College in Portland.  You can browse by a number of things…artist, surface, material, temperature…  It is intended for university students studying ceramics…how nice that we can view it, too! is titled “The Contemporary Southwest Webzine for Arts and Culture”.  This site includes among other things ceramic events, shows, gallery news for Santa Fe, Aspen, Albuquerque, Denver, El Paso, Austin…  It’s a place to visit for information and possibly a venue for announcements/advertisement.

NMPCA Virtual Studio Tour

I think we can proudly say the NMPCA virtual studio tour site: is a success.  This has become a showcase for members work and a site for visitors to New Mexico to review what’s happening in clay.  There ARE a lot of people working in clay who are not on the site, but with about 60 NMPCA members showing on, you can see a lot on our virtual tour.

Just this last week, I updated these three pages

1.  Christina Sullo, a new member, has added a new page.  Please visit to see her inspiring raku sculptures.

2.  Z Jacobson has updated her page with 3 new functional pieces.  Some of us didn’t know that Z does functional!

3.  Karin N. Bergh at has added all new photos, so visit her page to see what she has been working on recently.