Celebration of Clay 2016

The NMPCA has been holding a “Celebration of Clay” exhibit for…nobody is sure quite how long…15-20 years in my memory.  This year’s exhibit is one of the best we have ever had.  The quality of the work is high, and the setting and arrangement make for a good looking show.  The Celebration of Clay committee would like to thank everybody who participated in and attended this year’s Celebration of Clay. The opening reception and the member guest reception were well attended and gave everybody the opportunity to meet and socialize.

Most of the comments I heard were praises on the quality of the work and how exquisite the gallery looked. A Thank You needs to be extended all the members for their work on setting up the space and the forty members who enter a piece, or pieces, in the show. Other comments I heard were how to get more people to see the show, please extend an invitation to your friends to see the show before it closes this Saturday. A preview is available at www.celebrationofclay.com


An article  on September 8, 2015, in the Rio Grande Sun by Bob Eckert, eloquently shows and describes many of the pieces of the show. Read the full article here.


The theme for this year’s shows is “Confrontations”. Judging for Best of Show and for the three Merit Awards was based on craft, creativity and correlation to the theme. Confrontation may be interpreted in many ways: as social criticism, as comment on the human condition, or as the tension between opposites: near & far, solid & fluid, fire & ice.

The beauty, quality, functionality award Sponsored by the Porcelain Vessels course at UNM, while any of the other awards can certainly be function pieces, this award is reserved for the functional piece that the jurors feel is the best.

This year’s show Juror was Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, Albuquerque Museum.

People’s Choice Award The piece receiving the most votes through opening night paper ballots, ballots collected at the gallery through the Member Guest reception and during on-line voting is given the People’s Choice award. While no monetary value is associated with this award, the piece is featured on the homepage of the NMPCA websites at www.nmpotters.org and www.celebrationofclay.com. The People’s Choice award is a popular way for everyone to enjoy the exhibit.

This year’s awards are shown here:


See a view of the entire show at www.celebrationofclay.com.

Leonard Baca and Sara D’Alessandro, Show Co-Chairmen
Judy Nelson-Moore, show committee

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