Contemporary Ceramics at Arts Thrive Exhibition

Contemporary Ceramics at Arts Thrive Exhibition

by Judy Nelson-Moore

There is an exhibit at the Albuquerque Art Museum that you should see that is open through December 8, 2019. If you miss this year, the exhibit is an annual exhibition to raise money for the museum. Over 100 artists participated in the 2019 show. The variety and quality of work were so exceptional, it was a treat to see.  

More information during the exhibit on the museum website.

Most importantly, the presence of ceramic artists among all the painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, mixed media and traditional arts was not huge, but the representation was excellent. Of special note here are three contemporary ceramic artists:

Abby Salsbury

NMPCA member, Abby Salsbury, contributed these charming wall pieces. They are so precious and intriguing when you see them, you feel instantly transported into a fairy tale. Each about 6-8 inches high.

NMPCA Member, Andrea Pickaida, contributed compelling pieces in her signature style. Whether you think of these as seed pod forms or highly colored abstract shapes, they strongly evoke images from the natural world.  

Artist Sharon Brush exhibited two striking shaped pieces in solid black. These are different than I have seen Sharon do before and were a great showing of contemporary ceramic excellence.

The only disappointment was that ceramics were shown inside glass cases.  This seems to be the method for museums to show 3-d work and it interferes with the enjoyment of the works, in my opinion.  Artists were selected by invitation.  Let us hope they continue to include high quality contemporary ceramic art in future shows.  

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