Conversations in Clay 2

Get Ready for Celebration of Clay 2015

Don’t we all love to eavesdrop on conversations? How about NMPCA members talking about their work in clay? At the 2015 Celebration of clay, we are going to let the clay pieces themselves do the talking! Every piece has something to say…could be an obvious conversation or could be more subtle…but always interesting.

Conversations in Clay is the theme of the 2015 Celebration of Clay exhibit to be held at Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos from August 14 to September 19, 2015. We encourage you to begin thinking about the possibilities of interaction between fellow artists, subjects, and themes.

Members can submit their own work singly or partner with another clay artist, not necessarily a current NMPCA member, to convey two sides of one conversation. Two artists could also collaborate on a single piece that represents their conversation. An artist might submit a single piece as a conversation starter with verbal or visual cues to engage the viewer.

Possibilities are endless:

Mutual admiration, embracing, competition, debate, Yin-Yang, color hue, elements of a story, large and small, thin and wide, black and white, young and old, whatever type of paired expression comes to mind.

Deadline for entries is July 14, 2015.

Here’s more in our series of example conversations heard from pottery made by NMPCA members to inspire you.


Pottery by Cheryl Hoagland. Conversation heard by Gloria Gilmore House: These are a gregarious bunch, possibly family or friends, all talking at once and happy to be together again. In the midst of their lively chatter, their expressive eyes and lips, invite us to join in their conversation, directly or by sharing the cups, filled with drinks, for one’s own friends and conversations.


Plate by Barbara Campbell. Conversation heard by Gloria Gilmore House: Barbara’s plate is a statement/conversation about nature-past and present. Her plate captures the beauty of each living creature and their roles in the Cycle of Life. The Mimbres designs, so elegantly painted, recall the past as it reminds us of our role as stewards for Earth’s future. The conversation between the Worm, that feeds the Fish, that feeds the Heron, that feeds us is universal and timeless.

Check enews, this newsletter, or our facebook page around March 3 for an update about Celebration of Clay and information about how to enter.

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