Critical Santa Fe Begins!

NMPCA members: Tomorrow begins the much anticipated NCECA Critical Santa Fe symposium. As you are aware, we sponsored a scholarship contest to send two members, Betsy Williams and Andres Payan. Several other members are planning to attend the event as well. I will be there. I know that some of you are not able to attend, but are interested in the outcomes and discussions. I would like to extend an open invitation to any NMPCA member to send me via email a question they would like me to ask at the symposium…if I get a chance. Below is a message from the event organizer and NMPCA member, Jim Romberg, with a link to some interesting on-line reading materials that may give you some ideas of questions you want me to ask.

If my energy level supports it, I will also plan to type a little blog with my impressions each day after the events.

Regards, Judy

Dear CRITICAL Santa Fe Participants:

Everything is shaping up well for the Symposium . When you arrive registration is being held on the upstairs balcony so just follow the signs in the lobby. Registration packets with the Symposium schedule, speaker information , useful information about Santa Fe and gallery announcements and maps will be waiting for you .

In preparation for this event we have posted some reading material on the NCECA website on the CRITICAL Santa Fe link The one entitled “Infrequently Asked Questions” is provocative and gives you the opportunity to submit some of your thoughts.

If any of you are arriving on Tuesday there is a grand opening of the exhibition titled “Critical Chaos” at the Santa Fe Community College on Tuesday from 4:30 -7:30.

Travel well and we will see you soon.

Jim Romberg, NCECA and the Planning Committee

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