Critical Santa Fe Opening Discussion

The opening session of Critical Santa Fe was a panel discussion.  It fulfilled the prediction of exploding heads.  There was an interesting issue raised.  The question was “How can you write about the unwriteable?”  This reminded me of some parts of my art statement at one time said  something like this:  “I work in clay to express things that cannot be said in words”.  Interesting and compelling arguments were made that nothing is unwriteable and/or that inability to describe the totality is not a reason to cease writing entirely.

At the end a studio potter stood up and said “I’m wondering why I am here.”  I partly felt the same way.  While the discussion was interesting at some points, it was basically a discussion about writing with very little feeling for ceramics.  However, I know that I frequently must sleep on some ideas before the meaning for me emerges.  Maybe something will emerge in the morning that will be worth commenting on.


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