Denver Clay Exhibits

Even though we are in New Mexico…not Colorado, there are some interesting clay exhibits in Denver lately, and Denver IS in our region.  In addition to the Marvelous Mud exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, here’s some exhibits sent to me by my friend Barry Krzywicki.

Takashi Nakazato was born into the Japanese lineage of Karatsu ceramics.  He has a show of his wood-fired work until September 10 at Walker Fine Art, 300 West 11th Ave #A.

Across the street at Havu Gallery,  1040 Cherokee, until September 3 there is a group show entitled “AMAZING GLAZING” featuring:  Betty Woodman, Richard Bell, Charles Birnbaum, Martha Daniels, Tracey Heyes, Phillip Maberry & Scott Walker and James Marshall.

At the Sandra Phillips gallery,  744 Santa Fe Drive, there is a show that’s been extended until August 20th (check with the gallery).
The show features Don Reitz, John Balistreri, Yoshiro Ikeda, Carroll Hansen and Maynard Tischler.

Lastly, amazing Yixing teapots made by Junya Shao are on display through September 24th at Plinth Gallery, 3520 Brighton Blvd.  She will be doing a workshop as well on September 17-18.

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