Djann Hoffman – Juror for Light and Shadow

Meet Djann Hoffman.  He is serving as one of the jurors for this year’s NMPCA Celebration of Clay 2017: Light and Shadow.   See more information about the Celebration of Clay exhibit on our special exhibit website:

Djann (pronounced Jan) works and lives at Farside Farm in Medanales, NM. They are a USDA Certified Organic Farm. He shares that life with his wife, Lisa Faithorn, three small noisy dogs and a big orange cat. Djann Hoffman

Djann first became enamored with “Pottery” at age 22 while serving in the US Army in Washington DC. He spent his time haunting the museums, especially the Freer. That was when he developed a lifelong love affair with Asian pottery. Djann Hoffman

During the 80’s and 90’s he started collecting tea ceremony ware. At the same time he was pursuing Zen and tea lessons at Green Gulch. His collection developed over the years and has now grown to over 400 pieces. He is invited to give talks and display his collection in many venues including talks on YouTube.

Djann Hoffman
Djann Hoffman

These days to further explore these ideas and interests he is working with low fire clays making large dishes and plates which provide a surface for brush painting.Djann Hoffman

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