Duties of the president of NMPCA

Today was the annual meeting of the NMPCA.  I was elected to the board by the general membership and then as president by the board following the annual meeting.  Even though I had agreed to do this, I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the responsibility of leading a group of artists for the benefit of all the members through the state/region.  I think we have a great group of people on the board, though, and I look forward to working with them.  Hopefully my previous experience as a manager in business, as president of the Colorado Potters, and as member of the Santa Fe Contemporary Art coop, not to mention my previous 6-year stint on the board of NMPCA and webmaster for the last 7 years will help.

Researching presidential job descriptions on the internet and ran across this duty which may be a neat trick since there aren’t that many people to delegate to:  “Learn to delegate responsibilities effectively. An organization where the president does all the work is rarely successful.”  From Duties of the President of the Executive Board, UNC Charlotte

This could be tricky in an organization like NMPCA.

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