Gallimaufry 2014 Photo Gallery

The 2014 NMPCA Ghost Ranch Workshop was held September 12-14.  These photos of the sessions include some of the pictures incorporated into Jacquita Beddo’s article about the workshop.  Also included here is a pdf copy of the handouts for the workshops.

Marc Hudson presented how to use a clay extruder to make extruded pieces or incorporated extrusions into other pieces.

Phil Green demonstrated how he designs his raku clocks.  They, we each got to glaze, fire and assemble a clock face that he had prepared for us.

Sharbani Das Gupta showed us how to do image transfers using the photo lithography method.  See details in the handouts linked above.

Lee Akins led a session where we prepared pieces for a tin foil saggar firing…then unloaded the next day.

Jody Folwell gave us some Santa Clara micaceous clay and we made small animal sculptures…then fired in an open firing on the ground.

Tomas Wolff led a session where teams of people quickly built structures based on their group story.  Then, we joined all the structures into a village.

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