Ceramic art studio at Ghost Ranch

The Legend of Pot Hollow

Here’s a summary of what has been happening with ceramic arts at Ghost Ranch following the flash flood in June 2015. Most of the studio was washed away, the buildings unuseable. The NMPCA held workshops in temporary quarters (Pinon and the Arts Center) in August and September. This was possible because the ranch bought a nice slab roller and lots of good tools (at an excellent discount from New Mexico Clay). In addition, Cricket Appel donated a kiln, and we salvaged a few things from the flood. The workshops, “Soft…” with Judy Nelson-Moore and Luisa Baldinger was followed by a weekend with Debra Fritts, both events were successful. In the meantime, the NMPCA has moved forward with collecting money for support of rebuilding ceramic arts facilities at the ranch.

This year, the ranch allowed us to salvage more materials from the flood area, and we collected quite a lot of glaze materials, although the tools and wheels were almost a total loss. A kind donor gave us a big kiln and a lot of materials and tools. The folks at Ghost Ranch have provided “temporary” workspace for the ceramic arts in an existing building that the NMPCA has used for winter workshops and evening activities: Pinon … across the parking lot from the Dining Hall.

We look forward to 4 NMPCA-sponsored ceramic art workshops at the ranch this summer and fall, in addition to the programs the ranch offers themselves. The NMPCA workshops include:

Ceramic art at Ghost Ranch, Jack Roberts Here is some information from Barbara Campbell on 6/27/16 after holding three Volunteer Camp weekends to work on the temporary workspace in the Pinon Building at Ghost Ranch.

Thank you everyone for helping get the new pottery up and running. This just wouldn’t have been possible without the continued interest and dedication of the NMPCA and all your hard work.

The first class started today with a group called “Family week” where grandparents and children and cousins etc all take classes together and move from one discipline to another throughout the week. It is the course that Camila Trujillo used to teach in Pot Hollow.

I am thinking about the beautiful tile Judy did for us commemorating the renovation of pot hollow in 2007 that actually survived the flood. I have the tile hanging on my gallery wall and would like to get it installed at the ranch. I am wondering if we should make a sister tile to commemorate the flood and to honor all the participants who helped move from the muck to Yucca and then the renovation and the upgrade we all did to Pinon#1…….by the way, I do think a new name is in order. We have batted a few possibilities around, but nothing has been decided. I would love it if everyone could sort of think about a new name for our new “temporary” situation and a way to commemorate this phase of our presence at the ranch.

We also have permission to do an installation on the roof of Pinon. Leonard is looking into old manikins that we can put seated in front of salvaged wheels, maybe two or three or just one if it is all we can dig out. Please be thinking about this project with ideas on how it can come about. Our thinking so far is that we will clean up the parts and paint the set up (person at wheel with pot) to be installed on the roof which will be silhouetted against the sky.

I think sometime in the fall we could get comped room and board for this project……..I am hoping to get them to extend the portal roof another 25′ to the North and pour a slab for an extended breezeway work space. I would love to see this happen before our workshop in September, but please don’t hold your breath on this one. I will do my best.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and hard work.

The Slip Trail editors, Jacquita Beddo and Judy Nelson-Moore send a great BIG THANK YOU to Barbara Campbell for all the endless hours and trips up to Ghost Ranch. There was struggling through the Ghost Ranch’s internal politics and personalities to keep alive our hope for a new facility. Through a lot of anguish and an awful lot of physical work, you’ve had to push and work ever since the flood. Thank you, Barbara, you are appreciated.

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