Meet the Members – Leonard Baca

Clay Becomes “the Customer”

by Kim Louise Glidden

Leonard clearly sees his “finding one’s way with clay” as a segue from growing up in an Albuquerque family-owned printing and graphic design business surrounded by creative people – listening, communicating, and sensing the customer’s needs.  When working in clay, mood, energy, and recent experiences impact his body and mind – he listens, communicates, and senses the clay.  Simply put, clay becomes the customer.

Since 2011 when he began working in clay, Leonard has attended NMPCA workshops at Ghost Ranch and a workshop presented by Steven Hill,  and he will be expanding his knowledge of larger sculptures at an upcoming Gene Dodak Workshop at Santa Fe Clay.  Drawing inspiration from the New Mexico landscape and years of working with wood, paper, and ink, he does wheel-throwing and hand-building, has worked with stoneware, porcelain, and paper clays, porcelain slips, and underglaze transfers, and he fires his work at cone 6 oxidation and cone 10 reduction, and participates in wood-firing opportunities.  For this year’s Celebration of Clay show, Leonard entered two of his sprayed-on landscape-glazed pieces, and he can update his artist resume to “state-juried show artist” with “Flowers Give Joy to Life” being selected for NMPCA’s first state-wide, juried show, “Resonations in Clay – Life on the Bosque!”

This June marks the end of Leonard’s six years as an NMPCA board member, having served as President, Treasurer, and Editor of The Slip Trail, as well as participating on many committees including six Celebration of Clay shows and “Resonations in Clay – Life on the Bosque.”   Leonard looks at working with NMPCA as a joyous experience of learning and sharing with members, and he encourages members to consider rolls as board and committee members or hosting an open studio to share your knowledge with members.  In addition to spending many hours at Ghost Ranch Volunteer Work Camps, Leonard has extended his professional services pro bono and his company, Business Printing Services, has made significant donations of its services printing show cards and posters.  Fortunately for NMPCA, he plans to continue his involvement with NMPCA, more specifically – Leonard will be a presenter for this September’s NMPCA New Mexico Connections “Gallimaufry 2018 Workshop,” remaining an active member with more time for working in clay! 

More about Leonard is on his website, LJB Graphic.

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