Many Hands Many Ways

Many Hands Many Ways

Celebration of Clay 2019 – Many Hands, Many Ways opened on Friday April 26th in the gallery of Santa Fe Clay, owned by Mark Grischke and Rod Andrews. The show is beautifully displayed,  and Mark and Rod welcomed guests to the event with warm interest in each participant’s entry. Many Hands, Many Ways runs through May 31st.

The Show Celebration of Clay is an annual event presented by the New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists.  Members are encouraged to enter work that follows the theme for the show. Entries this year featured pieces that can be described as functional, figurative, whimsical, sculptural, narrative, or abstract and highlighted the many ways that show participants express themselves creatively with all types of clay. 

Celebration of Clay is a self-juried show allowing artists to select the work that they want to show.  Awards are chosen by a panel of judges. This year’s judges were José Sierra, Mark Grischke, and Ann Brown. 

Awards were given to Sheryl Zacharia, Best of Show – Mosaic Sky,  Andrea Pichada, The Arita Award for Beauty, Quality, and Functionality – Cintas Color, and three Awards of Merit:  Penny Truitt – Border Remnant, Sheri Kotowski – Antiquities XIX Jar, and Carolyn Stupin – Girl of Ethiopia.

Best of Show

Sheryl Zacharia
Mosaic Sky

The Arita Award for Beauty, Quality, and Functionality

Andrea Pichada
Cintas Color

Award of Merit

Penny Truitt
Border Remnant

Award of Merit

Sheri Kotowski
Antiquities XIX Jar

Award of Merit

Carolyn Supin
Girl of Ethipia

Forty four artists submitted a total of sixty nine pieces to the show.  You can view all of the work at where you can click on the thumbnail images of each piece to see a description of the way it was created and read the artist’s statement about their work.  You can vote for your favorite piece(s) for the People’s Choice Award. 

Voting is open now thru May 30th.

You may vote as many times as you like, but you may only vote once for the same piece.

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