Meet Andrew McCollom

Andrew works as a full time potter for his own business, McCollom Clay. After earning his BFA in Ceramics at the University of New Mexico Andrew began to explore setting up his own studio. He realized his passion for clay and decided to pursue a full-time career in Ceramics. With a desire to improve his work he joined the staff at New Mexico Clay and learned about the ceramic pantheon beyond what is taught in an academic setting. Andrew learned the importance of production pottery, clay manufacturing, and distribution. He then had the opportunity to participate in a community based wood firing with Taos Clay owner Logan Wannamaker. This exposure presented Andrew a rare perspective at an age old tradition using wood as fuel. He was then offered a position as head potter at Hanselmann Pottery and for two years participated in constant discussion about function, form, and design. He helped Hanselmann develop a new line of pottery considering function and decoration as one. He plans to attend Graduate school in the future therefore constantly works towards expanding and building his portfolio. Andrew involves himself with the community through local events and keeps his focus on ideas surrounding contemporary Ceramics.

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