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Cheryl HoaglandI came to pottery in my early 40’s when I joined a fellow teacher for evening throwing classes, adult education, Columbus, Ohio. We worked on stand-up treadle wheels, hand-built by an Ohio potter in the Leach style. My teacher was in her mid 60’s, a student of the Leach tradition and a firm believer in the old school methods. We were told we could not save anything until we had thrown 10 pots at least 8″ high. These were cut open and analyzed by Helene for even wall thickness top to bottom. We used low-fire smooth red clay. It was a good three months before I could save my first pot. I still have that 9″ x 4″ x 4″ vase in my cupboard, and I have to say, it looks pretty darn good! Thank you, Helene Dwyer.

Some 27 odd years later, and an assortment of university classes, workshops and personal exploration, I continue to pursue pottery and clay. I look on my body of knowledge as a brain-sized block of Swiss cheese. It has some holes. And I love filling in those holes.

The SF Community College provides a strong clay community where I can continue to learn from excellent teachers and passionate fellow students. I explore clay in functional pottery, figurative sculpture, Micaceous traditional vessels and contemporary hand-built vessels. Some of this work is offered for sale at the SF Contemporary Clay Fair, the SF Community College Clay Club sale, and at SF Pottery in Santa Fe. Pieces can also be viewed on the NMPCA studio tour site.


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