Meet Joanne Wells

Joanne began her love of pottery when she took her first throwing class in Illinois thirty years ago, right after her daughter was born.
After that, the demands of motherhood, moving to New Mexico, volunteering in the community, and a teaching career, all took precedence over the pursuit of art. Now, years later, she has taken up her love of art and pottery once again.

For the past five years she has been playing with handbuilding and on the wheel. She calls her work Funky Functional because it is both useful and unique. Sometimes the pieces contain messages such as scripture or other inspiring, positive thoughts. Recently, she has begun to enjoy sculpting animals. She has participated in local arts and crafts fairs as well as shown work in her hometown in Illinois.

Joanne is also a watercolor painter who has been instructed by some very talented New Mexico artists. She has earned her art endorsement and is currently licensed by the state of New Mexico to teach art. She is an active member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society. She loves a challenge and some of her favorite subjects to paint are animals and her grandchildren. Some of her goals for this year are to bring her painting and pottery to the next level of development.

She has recently joined NMPCA in order to gain experience from all of the talented professional clay artists and to be a more active part of the art community. She believes that working with clay is very joyful and healing, almost a form of therapy. She looks forward to meeting and learning from the other members who share her passion for clay!


Member since 2013

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