Jorge Luis Bernal

Meet Jorge Luis Bernal

Jorge Luis Bernal I started working on clay in 1985.

My ceramic work is defined principally by my love for geometry, but also by New Mexico Adobe-style architecture with its rich earth tone colors and iconography related to petroglyphs and the Pueblo people’s spirit.
These iconic forms have inserted themselves into the design of my casitas, temples and artwork in a special way. The repetitive symbols and patterns accent and define form. The external details or embellishments give strength to the bold lines of the casitas. My choice of mostly monochromatic color allows the pattern to coexist with but not dominate the form. My goal is to create simple hand-built forms that speak primarily to shelter, boundaries, and the comfort of family, intimacy and prayer.

Jorge Luis Bernal
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Member since 9/2015


Jorge Luis Bernal

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