Judy Nelson-Moore, Wall piece, 3-part

Meet Judy Nelson-Moore

I’ve been in love with clay since 1973 when I was 16 and took a high-school art class. I made a careful symmetrical coil vase…it fell on the floor. I was captured by clay when I picked it up and it had become a very interesting asymmetrical piece. Up until the 1980’s I made thrown functional work, then I gradually transitioned to sculptural work. In 1993, I started using paperclay. Now my work is all paperclay, both fired and unfired, and I often incorporate mixed media such as fabric or metal into the work.

At the current time, my interest is in the creative process. I love to explore and experiment, and share ideas with other people. I conduct workshops in my studio and other venues. I invite people into my studio to be “guest artists” where we play and develop ideas.

I joined the NMPCA when I still lived in Denver Colorado. After moving to Santa Fe in 1994, I became more involved. Through the organization, I’ve met lifelong friends and extended my concept of myself and grown as an artist. I also hope I contribute to a lasting presence for contemporary clay art in New Mexico and particularly at Ghost Ranch.

Member Since 1989

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