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I am Belgian and moved two years ago to New Mexico, living now in Placitas.  I have been working with clay since many years, hand building, and doing sculpture.  All my work from this period is in France.  I practice in France as a physical therapist and yoga and Qi gong teacher.  I took many art classes, drawing, art history . . . .  Since two years, I have been throwing. I started at New Mexico Clay in Albuquerque.  I love experimenting in new styles.  Living nearby nature inspires me, and I find a new way to combine clay and wood.  Since last January, I am taking an Arita Porcelain class at UNM (Japanese technic) with Kathryne Cyman.  I just love it.  I took the intensive summer class and continue now.


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  1. kathy stephenson

    I bought a small piece of yours at the pop up sale last week-white with a SPLASH! of red.I’m lucky to have a good collection of pottery but a potter friend was over and yours was what he noticed and photographed. It was so nice to see your beautiful and unique work.
    Carry on…
    Crossed Paws Pottery

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