Meet Pam Hellman

I live most of the time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, and part-time in Santa Fe. I have a BFA in Graphic Communication, and early in my career I worked in that field and also owned a design business. I earned an MA in Art Education with graduate certification in Art Museum Education, leading to a career in art education as an elementary art teacher, art museum educator, and as a university-level instructor.

Interestingly, although working in clay is what I now love to do, ceramics was one of the few studio classes I did not take in college. I have privately studied with several ceramicists and clay artists to gain my technical skill. Although I work mainly with non-figurative containers (bowls, vases, boxes etc., both wheel-thrown and hand-built), I recently attended a workshop that may cause me to expand my focus. In early February I was fortunate to participate in a week-long intensive clay sculpture workshop taught by Roxanne Swentzell at her Tower Gallery in Pojoaque. This workshop caused me to stretch my boundaries and taught me new techniques. It gave me so many ideas that I intend to dive in and explore working with figurative sculpture more.

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