Meet the Members – Sheena Cameron

Sheena Cameron – All the Pretty Horses . . . and So Much More!

Between Santa Fe and Taos, along the Rio Grande, is Rinconada’s Rare Earth Studio Gallery, “home on the range” for Sheena and her “Messenger Horses.”   She received a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture in 1969 from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.  Due to serious long term health problems, her creative interests took a fork in the road toward jewelry for 33 years.  Sheena moved to New Mexico from San Francisco in 1981, and  her health problems improved enough in 2001 that she built a studio suitable for getting back to working in clay.  After all those years of yearning to be a clay artist again, her creativity was finally released in making clay sculpture that was soon picked up by several galleries.

Based in mythological beliefs that horses are thought to be messengers from other realms, Sheena’s one-of-a-kind “Messenger Horses” have no elements of human subjugation such as saddles and bridles and represent a free and natural state.  Each piece has unique symbolism and meaning and often incorporates pieces of her jewelry.  Sheena draws on her Celtic heritage of nature-based spiritual influences, making connections  to  similar aspects found in Native American beliefs.  Each “Messenger Horse” comes with a miniature book depicting the piece and mythological information, along with a description of components, genuine gemstones, and more specific symbolism of the piece.  While most of Sheena’s work has been raku-fired, she is now producing more stoneware and oxide-colored pieces. 

Sheena is one of three committee members for this May’s Celebration of Clay show, Contemporary Ceramics:  Informed by Tradition.  In addition to opening her studio annually for the Dixon Studio Tour, she is represented by Copper Moon Gallery in Taos (a hosting gallery for this year’s Celebration of Clay show),  Watson MacRae Gallery in Sanibel Island, Florida, and Rare Earth Studio Gallery in Rinconado.  Her multi-media horses are in collections all over the country and beyond.  More about Sheena and her work can be found at:

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