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Growing up in New Mexico gave me the opportunity to experience the vast richness of modern and ancient art. I originally studied art with my mother, accomplished Southwestern oil painter Helen L. Minton who studied with four of the original founders of the Taos Society of Artist in 1932.

In 1933 she studied Southwestern Indian Art with artist and teacher Kenneth M. Chapman in Santa Fe. Exposure to this rich background provided me with an appreciation of ancient and contemporary art forms and informed much of my work. I got my first pottery wheel when I was 11 and have continued to work primarily in clay although as a multimedia artist I have worked in painting, jewelry, fiber, glass, metalwork, clay sculpture, graphics and woodworking. In my current multimedia work I combine ceramic art, painting and sculpture using clay and metal forms as the base. I am now focusing on two very different lines of work, functional stoneware with carved animal forms and clay wind bells with painted animal images.

I hold a doctoral degree in environmental studies and spent over 38 years teaching both art and environmental biology at the high school and graduate school level.  The variety of my work can be seen on my web page :

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Ty G. Minton
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