NMPCA Sunport Show

From February 4 to March 16, 2017, the NMPCA displayed a show of beautiful ceramic work at the Albuquerque Sunport, in the display cases located in the breezeway between the parking garage and the terminal.  Watch the video here.

Committee member, Seri Kotowski, thanks participants and describes some of the unique aspects of staging this show.

Sunport Display at Albuquerque International Airport Wrap-Up
by Seri Kotowski

On behalf of the Sunport Showcase Committee of Sara D’Alessandro, Barbara Campbell and myself, Seri Kotowski, I would like to thank the artists for a beautiful and successful display at the Albuquerque International Airport this winter. The committee worked very hard to design the show not only aesthetically but also logistically, not an easy task considering the constraints of the display configuration and the spectrum of artist/members of NMPCA. Thank you Sara for your perseverance in making the arrangements with Erika Anaya and thank you Erika for the opportunity!

Many thanks to Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, Albuquerque Museum, who was our award juror for Celebration of Clay, 2016

I saw your installation at the Sunport.  Congratulations on a terrific  show. The work was very powerful, some of those things I wish we had in the gallery exhibition last summer.  Congratulations on making a great show for visitors to New Mexico.

So, let’s all put our best work forward for the Celebration of Clay 2017!

Thank you to additional NMPCA board members for their special contributions.

Thank you to Leonard Baca for the really fun time-lapse video of the Sunport installation. Of course, thanks to Judy Nelson-Moore who helped artists to get operating on the NMPCA Studio Tour website (no small feat, occurring at the time of the year when most membership is renewing) and worked with Barbara designing the e-invitation for the show.

Leonard Baca also, along with the Baca family owned Business Printing Service, provided labels for exhibit and for the beautiful cards that visitors and artists could take for a reminder to visit NMPCA website.  Additionally, Leonard provided technical expertise and worked with Sara on various aspects of pre-designing the display.

Michael Thornton was there to help participants and the committee stay logistically organized and focused for set-up and takedown of the display at the airport. There was definitely a potential for chaos without his patience and calm demeanor.

Special thanks to the Rio Grande Sun and Robert Eckert for the incredible article and photographs; NMPCA appreciates the interest in the arts shown by this Northern New Mexico publication.

All of this together, made for a wonderful and memorable display of clay artists in New Mexico, thank you all.

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