Pot Hollow Workshops 2015

2015 Ghost Ranch Ceramic Art Workshops

Saggar Fired vessel by Luisa BaldingerNMPCA and Ghost Ranch’s ceramic studio, Pot Hollow, have had a long and productive relationship, but it has not always been possible for members of NMPCA or other ceramic artists to spend time enjoying the studio at the Ranch.  This is because the number of workshops or opportunities to play in clay at the Ranch were limited to a few times a year.  This is changing.  Ghost Ranch is expanding their arts programs, including many one-day activities in Pot Hollow and more workshops are using the facilities of Ghost Ranch.

Spending whole sunlit days and starry nights immersed in the atmosphere of Ghost Ranch, clay artists find the Pot Hollow studio filled with delightful people, stimulating presenters, a variety of equipment, and plenty of space and inspiration to work clay magic. Whether you are a beginner seeking playful exploration or an experienced functional or sculptural clay artist seeking renewal, a workshop at Ghost Ranch is likely to provide a trans-formative experience.

In 2015, there are more opportunities than ever to work and play with clay, surrounded and immersed in the beauty of the canyons and cliffs at Ghost Ranch. We invite you to visit Ghost Ranch, New Mexico for a clay art workshop this year.  Below are 5 intensive workshops in clay:

Wall disk, Barbara Campbell **Working the Magic of Ghost Ranch Clay   July 6-12. Presenter: Barbara Campbell.   In this seminar, we will work with clay harvested ourselves. It is our intention to invest our pieces with sacred intent. Our work will be deliberate and restful, and our firing will be fun and exciting. We will discuss the properties of the materials we use and explore different deposits around the ranch. Click on the image left for details and register.
Whodoo by Luisa Baldinger, fume fired Cancelled:  **Clay to Lift the Heart July 13-19. Presenter: Barbara Campbell.   In this seminar we will be working with clay to lift the heart (LIFT, look inside for truth). We will not only working with the clay, but allowing the clay to do its work on us. I offer a few easy projects to give everyone the feel of the medium and I welcome student ideas and individual uniqueness.  Click on the image left for details and register.
Judy Nelson-Moore Sculpture, Blue Ribbons, fired and glazed paperclay Soft: Clay, Paper and Fire August 16-20. Presenters Luisa Baldinger and Judy Nelson-Moore in a 4-day workshop making vessels and sculpture with soft slab forms, regular and paperclay, and saggar-firing. Sponsored by Dancing Mud Studio.   More information and to register.
Debra Fritts Sculpture, Ghost Ranch workshop, September 11-13, 2015 Transformations September 11-13. Presenter: Debra Fritts.    Allowing the landscape to inform us with interesting forms and textures, we will sketch and observe, allowing new approaches to tell our stories in clay sculpture. Demos, discussions, and hands-on work will include inspirations, ways to tell a story, and technical information. Sponsored by the New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists (NMPCA) Details and register
MarcHudson **Extruder Extravaganza October 5-11. Presenter: Marc Hudson.   Explore unique qualities of the manual extruder, how it functions, and how to make dies.  Try out die-making materials and become very familiar with the manual and power tools used to make simple and complex dies. And more importantly, have hands-on experience extruding and assembling clay pieces.  We will use paper clay to extend the range of possibilities. Details and register.

** Workshops noted above with ** are eligible for a 15% discount to NMPCA members.  Check your enews announcements for the coupon code before you register or contact one of the coordinators below.

These workshops are being coordinated by NMPCA members:

Judy Nelson-Moore, Dancing Mud Studio, judy@nelsonmoore.com
Barbara Campbell, Stoneware Artifacts, becampbell33@gmail.com.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Here is a pdf flyer of these workshops. 


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      Ghost Ranch is near Abiquiu, New Mexico. It’s about an hour’s drive Northwest of Santa Fe…Two hours drive from Albuquerque.

      Judy Nelson-Moore

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