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President’s Letter – Lee Akins

For this President’s Letter, I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

I have served on NMPCA Board for about 5 years and as President since 2015 . My pottery career started with teaching Ceramics for several years in grades K-12 and then teaching in craft centers and on the college level for the past 38 years.  My wife and I built our current house and studio in an old apple orchard in the little village of Rinconada outside of Dixon. 

I joined NMPCA to get to know more clay artists around the state and have the opportunity to participate in workshops and exhibits.  Perhaps you also joined to be able to participate in workshops and shows; if so, we have both coming up soon.

Our annual Celebration of Clay is coming up September 1-2. (See details) Hopefully, you will all enter to have the opportunity to show along side the rest of our membership.

Lee Akins reviewing the results of Tin-foil saggar firing session. Lee led the session at the Ghost Ranch workshop, New Mexico Connections.  From left to right:  Leonard Baca, Lee Akins, Jacquita Beddo, Judy Nelson-Moore.

We also have a full slate of workshops coming to Ghost Ranch. Some of you have been able to come and help get the new temporary space ready. (See details)  The workshops offer something for everyone; plan to attend at least one and maybe more!

Our Annual Meeting in Albuquerque in June offered the chance to share food and images of the membership’s work. We want to welcome three new board members:

Judith Richey, Mike Thornton and Sheri Kotowski.    The group said a fond farewell to Judy Nelson-Moore.  Judy has served on the Board for 13 years and is taking a well-deserved break. We will miss her computer skills and endless dedication to the organization.

Lastly I want to continue providing programs that meet the interests of all the members. NMPCA is a volunteer run organization so if you want something to happen, jump in and help us. We would like to have more informal social get-togethers so let us know if you have any ideas about where and how to have them.   

Hoping to see you at one of our summer activities,

Lee Akins

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