2015 Annual Meeting of NMPCA

NMPCA President’s Letter

The President’s Letter has been a long standing feature of the NMPCA Slip Trail newsletter and serves to keep members informed as to NMPCA activities and requirements.  Here is the latest edition by President Leonard Baca:

Hello fellow potters, artists and connected souls!

2015 Annual Meeting of NMPCAAfter a busy winter, I just got into the studio last month, and look forward to having more time to be creative. Talking to fellow members and following them on facebook, everyone’s schedule is in full swing, with special projects, creating new work and getting ready for summer shows.
Check out the calendar to see what we have coming up this year. If you have been keeping up with the eNews, you know that The Celebration of Clay is August 14 – September 19, so get ready! Gloria Gilmore-House is this year’s coordinator, and Judy Nelson-Moore has graciously offered to be the co-coordinator. Check out the wonderful articles about this event in The Slip Trail! I hope every member will display a piece in this year’s show. I have enjoyed helping out in the last three show, and will continue to support our members.

Last year we did not have a V-camp workshop at Ghost Ranch, and the regulars who attend, (myself included) felt something was missing. Giving back through volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience! Barbara Campbell has set up the V-camp this month from May 15-17. It was a big hit the first week it was posted in the eNews. Check the website for available openings soon, as they are filling up quickly!

Also this year, we’ll be having our fall workshop at Ghost Ranch, September 11-13. Debra Frits will be this year’s presenter, sharing with us her incredible techniques that make her work so unique and special. Participating in the workshops and being with other members is one of the events I especially enjoy each year, and one of the main reasons for becoming a member.

What else would you like to see? I, for one, would like to see other types of social events, to get together to talk and share, one in Santa Fe and another in Albuquerque. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Let’s brainstorm and make something happen!

One of the big changes in The Slip Trail this year is that it has become an online blog. The format is different, but you can still print articles to read and take with you. You can search and view past articles, and the photos just seem to pop out at you! As members, this is your group. We want to know what you’re doing, what gallery shows you attended, and what amazing works you have seen, so please share! Last summer, Sara D’Alessandro had a talk about her sculptural work at CNM. It is amazing to see what she has accomplished, and to witness the changes and inspiration in her work as it has evolved. Please tell us what you have going on, and always be sure to send us your announcements so we can share them with other members.

If you missed last Month’s Clay Olympics, you missed a good time! Casey Pendergast and Andrew McCollom did a great job facilitating this event. I will be posting some photos on the upcoming eNews, as well as on our facebook page, so stay tuned!

Before I close as year has passed by and and on June 6th is the annual meeting. I plan to make some call this week and see if any members would like to join the board. The annual meeting will be in Albuquerque at Business Printing Service, 4316 Silver Ave SE, Time is 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, We will have a full write up on the eNews and post it on facebook.

Leonard Baca does No Hands Throwing at Clay Olympics, 2015, NM Clay
Leonard Baca does No Hands Throwing at Clay Olympics, 2015, NM Clay

Leonard Baca, President


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