Is this blog keeping up with events at Critical Santa Fe?  No…not really.  This is really just the tip of the iceberg of impressions, intended to give the NMPCA member or casual viewer who finds this blog a sense of what the Critical Santa Fe symposium is about and provide a way for comments from participants, should they wish to share them.  What are my qualifications for publishing this blog?  Discussions at the symposium bring up issues of responsibility, training, knowledge and rigorousness of approach to writing in Ceramics.  Good questions and valid issues.  Only one person so far, Glenn Brown, remotely from a read statement, has referred to the fact that the internet sidesteps all of this.  It kind of reminds me of my “other” career…computer program development…where professional programmers had lamented young people coming in and teaching themselves and doing a lot of development very fast and for a very cheap rate.  Well, yes, some of it was crap, but some was very exciting.  I believe all users of the internet, myself included, need to become more adept at filter and evaluating what they find on the internet.  What is worthwhile, what is truth and what is a waste of time or lies.  I try not to lie…but certainly my qualifications and training are not up to the standards of the presenters at this symposium.  So, who am I?  I’m a self-taught ceramic artist and the current president of a widely varied group of clay people named the New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists.  I accepted this position because I feel that art is important in our world and I want to help move this art organization into the future as my small contribution.  I studied in college with Jim and Nan McKinnel but my work doesn’t really reflect their influence, rather the influence of a myriad of artists and experiences.  I have had a career (and still do) in computer software design and development.   See my work at

Garth Clark said yesterday that sculpture is intolerant of mediocre clay.  I know what he means, and I agree to a certain extent.  I just hope that I don’t contribute to the mediocre image.  So, I feel somewhat brave in citing my website in this blog, but hey, at age 64 I no longer care that much what people think of me or my work.

I do promise to come back and write about the many sessions and my impressions.

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