The Slip Trail

How The Slip Trail Changed My Life

By Marilu Tejero

Juanita Wolff sculpture
Juanita Wolff sculpture

It was 1999 while living in Melbourne, Australia, that I discovered in an artists webpage, Juanita Wolf from Corrales NM, and her amazing work.  We started a correspondence.  She had a daughter in Sydney and I was fascinated with New Mexico.  I decided to attend Surrounding 2000 in Denver and being so close I wished to visit potters in NM and hopefully share work in a studio.  She suggested to write a note asking to exchange lodge for pottery work and she would submit to the NM potters newsletter (The Slip Trail…a paper publication at the time!).

The Slip Trail published it and I received an invitation from Michael Hamlyn in Taos, to stay in his place and work.  It was a remarkable time I spent in Taos.  I absolutely loved it.  We worked together and I fell in love with NM.  I was truly “encantada” by this land.  I met some potters:  Kerry Lynn Cohen who was always so sweet and helpful and did some firings for me. She and Juanita will always have a special place in my life.

Visiting Santa Fe was another discovery. I wanted to belong to that community and I moved.  Having my name in a waiting list at Santa Fe Clay, helped to get me a place as soon as I arrived. I loved having a studio there and meeting the potters community.

Making friends with potters has helped to make my life very special.

Marilu Tejero, Goddesses
Marilu Tejero, Goddesses

When I first saw the north, I thought this is where I want to live.  Eleven years later, I’m still in NM. In Albuquerque where my life has taken a permanent change. I teach pottery, I make and sell my clay work.  Always surrounded by wonderful people, mainly ceramic artists like Penne Roberts, I feel I’m blessed.

Thanks to Juanita Wolf and to The Slip Trail my life has changed forever.

Editor’s note:

Marilu Tejero, Blue Water Pimachi Bowl, winner of 2014 Award of Merit at NMPCA Celebration of Clay
Blue Water Pimachi Bowl by Marilu Tejero

At left is Marilu’s Blue Water  Pimachi Bowl, winner of 2014 Award of Merit at NMPCA Celebration of Clay.

See more of Marilu’s work on her NMPCA virtual studio tour page. 

Also, see the Meet the Member feature article for Marilu on this blog. 

Juanita Wolff and Kerry Lynn Cohen are former members of the NMPCA.  Penne Roberts is a lifetime member in honor of her many contributions to the organization.



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