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Jan 2014 Slip Trail CoverFor over 40 years, the NMPCA Slip Trail newsletter has been a major part of the new Mexico Potters Association…renamed the New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists (NMPCA).     This has been the lifeline to keep us all connected.

Over the years, The Trail has undergone transformations:

  • Initially a one-page typewritten and mimeographed or copied page, the last paper-printed and mailed newsletters were  a booklet, professionally printed and distributed by bulk mail.
  • Many members had a concern in the 2000’s that The Slip Trail printing was using too much paper, so in an effort to go green, the organization had an option to receive the newsletter via email instead of printed.  As time went on, the greatest majority of members opted for email delivery.
  • Email distribution with individual copy of the pdf became infeasible because of the size of the document, different people’s email programs, and restrictions on emailing large numbers of people.  The NMPCA implemented their website on a database system that included an email function with links to documents (Wild Apricot).  The Slip Trail was being published every other month, with an email going out to link to the document on-line.   When printing and mailing costs increased 10-fold, mailed distribution was restricted to people who had no email address (less than 10 members).
  • Publication of the newsletter was reduced to quarterly because there didn’t seem to be enough material to publish every other month.  As of this posting, publication has been changed to “as needed.”
  • The difference between the weekly e-news and quarterly The Slip Trail has become blurred.
  • Publication method changed to blog to allow easier and timely communications of in-depth articles.

The NMPCA board met and discussed the evolution of The Slip Trail.  Various alternatives were discussed, and it was decided to suspend the existing quarterly pdf distribution in favor of as-needed blog postings.  This new blog format allows board members or members at large to post blogs.  When blog articles are available, they are posted in enews with a link for members to ead the latest.

Judy Nelson-Moore
Vice President, NMPCA
October 1, 2014





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