Volunteer Camp at Ghost Ranch

Friday May 18, 1:00 pm to Sunday, May 20, 3:00 pm

NMPCA Ghost Ranch VCamp, 2008
NMPCA Ghost Ranch Volunteer Camp, 2008

Once again Ghost Ranch has invited us back to spend a fun filled weekend at the ranch cleaning and renovating Pot Hollow.   Now, as I write that, I wonder if that sounds like fun to the people viewing this…cleaning and renovating???  Well, you would be surprised how much fun it really is.  Look at this picture of smiling faces at the 2008 Volunteer camp!

This year we will be re-plastering the fume kiln (AGAIN!), repairing the steps down to the raku pavilion, installing a student totem, cleanup and organization, and many other activities to get Pot Hollow ready for a great program of events over the summer and for our own Fall workshop.  And, once again, we’ll be able to take in the Ghost Ranch’s Bluegrass Festival concert on Saturday night.

This year because of other activities going on continuously at the ranch, space is limited and we cannot meet special accommodation requests.  For this reason, we ask that you plan to attend the entire event and gracefully accept the accommodations that Ghost Ranch is providing free.  We want to keep registrations open for people who can attend the entire event for now.  If we can accommodate partial participation, we will send a message via our email news group in the two weeks prior to the event.   As always, if you want to camp, this relieves the accommodation squeeze.

A donation to cover the cost of meals is gratefully accepted when you check in (suggested $30).

Members only can register easily at http://nmpotters.org/events/.  Questions?  email Barbara Campbell, the event coordinator, at bcampbell@stonewareartifacts.com.

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